J. Sam Frankel is an artist, illustrator and creative professional out of Austin, Texas. A native Kentuckian, he graduated from Northern Kentucky University with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts Degree with a focus in Studio Arts in 2009. Transplanting to Austin in 2014 after finishing his military contract; enlisted for five years as an intelligence analyst with a brief deployment to Afghanistan in 2013.

After the end of his enlistment, he briefly worked in business development, marketing, and PR fields for two years. During this time he was tasked with managing marketing strategies for companies and his skills in graphic design were called upon to develop a broad range of visual content. He developed content for clients in such markets as: space, software, literature, security, entertainment, education and various technology start-ups. Most notably an in-depth infographic detailing NASA's deep-space missions in 2016.

In mid-2016, J Sam left his PR and Marketing career to pursue his passion as an artist, illustrator and creative professional and is currently enrolled in an Advanced Illustrator program at Austin Community College.

The majority of his collegiate work was focused in oils, oil pastels, and a mix with acrylic spray paints; his senior thesis, Creative Colassal was entirely in oil pastels. However, is proficient in most other 2D mediums, whether formerly trained or self-taught. During his military He adopted travel-friendly marker and pen mediums to suit the Army lifestyle. Upon his return to civilian life, he was able to expand his range of mediums, materials, and size of works.

With exception to his recent course work, he has been self-taught to be proficient in utilizing a mix of gouache, watercolors, inks, pen & ink, and similar mediums. Allowing him to create vividly fluid pieces that utilize color to almost beyond its limits. His quirky pieces contain with subjects that meld nature, science, and spirituality - exacerbating size comparisons and impossible landscapes.

He is inspired by the work of such illustrators & artists as Winsor McCay, Frank Quitely, Geoff Darrow, David Mack, Rafael Grampa.

He is a colleague of the United States Veterans' Artists Alliance (USVAA) The organization is dedicated to supporting veteran artists and creatives. www.usvaa.org